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Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Helps you and your family financially in the event an unexpected accident results in death or disabling injuries.
accident death and dismemberment

Here's what you need to know

Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance provides a layer of valuable financial security for your family by helping replace your income in the event an unexpected accident results in death or disabling injuries.1


Accidents always happen without warning and may result in loss of life or income. You may not be able to prevent them, but you can be prepared.


Once enrolled in this coverage, if you die or are injured as the result of a covered accident, a benefit is paid that you can use however you choose. It could be used to help pay the mortgage or for your children’s college.


You have the following options for this coverage. You must be enrolled to elect dependent (spouse/children) coverage:   


  • Coverage for you
    • Elect coverage between 1 and 8 times your base pay (up to $2,000,000). Your coverage amount will be rounded up to the next higher $10,000 after base pay multiple is selected.
  • Coverage for you + spouse only
    • You can enroll your spouse for up to 60% of your coverage amount (up to $900,000).
  • Coverage for you + children only
    • You can enroll your children for up to 20% of your coverage amount (up to $50,000).
  • Coverage for you + spouse and children
    • You can enroll your spouse for up to 50% of your coverage amount (up to $750,000).
    • And you can enroll your children for up to 15% of your coverage amount (up to $50,000).


Get peace of mind knowing this coverage is protecting you and your family wherever an accident may strike—while you’re at home, on vacation, at work, or anywhere in the US or its territories. 

Accidental injuries always occur without warning or time to plan. You can, however, help your family adjust to the sudden loss of your paycheck as a result of an accidental death or disabling injury.


In addition to paying a benefit for a covered accident, this coverage has multiple other features to take advantage of when you enroll:


Business Travel Assistance Services2

Utilize travel assistance services that provide immediate access to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and certain other services when faced with an emergency while traveling internationally or domestically more than 100 miles from home. Included in rates, insured through Travel Assistance.



Provides a benefit equal to 1% of your coverage amount to a maximum of $2,500 per month, for confinements exceeding 5 days with a maximum duration of 12 months to help defray hospitalization costs resulting from an accident.


Common Disaster

Provides benefits if you or your spouse dies within one year of sustaining bodily injuries in the same accident. The spouse’s amount will be increased to equal that of your Schedule of Benefits.


Seat Belt and Airbag

If an insured person was wearing a properly fastened seat belt, the plan will pay an additional 10% of the coverage amount, subject to a minimum of $1,000 and a maximum of $25,000. Airbag benefits provide an additional benefit equal to 5% of the coverage amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits, however, the amount can't exceed $10,000.



A benefit of 1% of the coverage amount payable monthly, beginning on the seventh day of the coma and for the duration of the coma to a maximum of 60 months. The coma must begin within 30 days of the accidental injury and continue for seven consecutive days and must be directly and solely caused by accidental injury.


Day Care

In the event there is a death, children 12 years or younger get up to 3% of your principal amount, not to exceed $5,000 per year, for up to four consecutive years.


Spouse and Dependent Child Education

Benefits equal to the lesser of the tuition charges or $10,000 per academic year for up to four consecutive academic years. The overall maximum is equal to 20% of the coverage amount. The eligible child must be enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited college, university or vocational school above 12th grade level at the date of the death of the insured person.


Brain Damage

Provides additional benefits equal to 100% of the employee coverage amount. Damage must manifest itself within 30 days of the accidental injury, require a hospitalization of at least five days and persists for 12 consecutive months after the date of the accidental injury.


Workplace Felonious Assault

Provides an additional benefit equal to 20% of the coverage amount, up to a maximum of $20,000 if you suffer a covered loss resulting from an accidental injury to yourself by a Felonious Assault. Felonious Assault must be committed at the your place of business or while the you are engaged in your employer's business (not counting working at home or regular commuting).


Exposure and Disappearance

Provides amount equal to your coverage amount for the loss of a covered person's life if the loss of life results from unavoidable exposure to the elements; and after one year, your or dependent’s body has not been found after the conveyance in which you or dependent was traveling:

  • Disappeared
  • Made a forced landing
  • Sank
  • Was wrecked
You can enroll anytime! You are never required to provide evidence of good health for yourself or any eligible dependents. 

These form(s) are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format and are available for downloading and printing.


Enrollment Form

Plan Brochure

Travel Assistance Flyer

Beneficiary Change Form

Customer Service Request Form

How It Works

Number one Enroll now icon

You enroll in coverage

Number two Medical shield icon

Have added financial security

Number three Giving money icon

Collect benefit in the event of accidental death or disabling injury

Number four moneybag icon

Use money to help pay bills and adjust

An unpredictable accident strikes and you are unable to work.

Because you have this coverage, you receive a benefit check.

You use the money to help pay monthly bills and other living expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who is the provider?



    With over 150 years of experience, MetLife is a leading innovator and a recognized leader in protection planning and retirement & savings solutions

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  • Who in my family is eligible for this program?

    You can enroll if: 

    • You are actively at work or on job elimination severance status on the date your Enrollment Form is signed and coverage begins.
    • You are scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week.
    • You meet the eligibility requirements on the Enrollment Form.
    • Are a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident on U.S. payroll.


    You can also enroll these family members:

    • Your spouse.
    • Your eligible dependent children or those of your spouse.


    You must be enrolled in coverage for members of your family to also enroll.

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  • How much does this coverage cost?

    The monthly cost of insurance per $10,000 of coverage:

    You only: $0.25

    You + dependent(s): $0.40

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  • Do I have to answer health questions or take a medical exam?

    No, you don’t. You have “guaranteed acceptance,” which means you can enroll for this coverage regardless of your past or present health.

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  • Legal Disclaimers

    1Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance does not include payment for any loss which is caused by or contributed to by: physical or mental illness, diagnosis of or treatment of the illness; an infection, unless caused by an external wound accidentally sustained; suicide or attempted suicide; injuring oneself on purpose; the voluntary intake or use by any means of any drug, medication or sedative, unless taken as prescribed by a doctor or an over-the-counter drug taken as directed; voluntary intake of alcohol in combination with any drug, medication or sedative; war, whether declared or undeclared, or act of war, insurrection, rebellion or riot; committing or trying to commit a felony; any poison, fumes or gas, voluntarily taken, administered or absorbed; service in the armed forces of any country or international authority, except the United States National Guard; operating, learning to operate, or serving as a member of a crew of an aircraft; while in any aircraft for the purpose of descent from such aircraft while in flight (except for self-preservation); or operating a vehicle or device while intoxicated as defined by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurs. Specific information pertaining to your insurance can be obtained by contacting your benefits administrator.


    2MetLife Group Term BTA is issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166 under Policy Form and GBPNP-04


    Nothing in these materials is intended to be advice for a particular situation or individual. Please consult with your own advisors for such advice.  Like most group insurance policies, insurance policies offered by MetLife contain certain exclusions, exceptions, waiting periods, reductions, limitations and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact your benefits administrator or MetLife for costs and complete details.  


    MetLife Group Term Life insurance and AD&D and BTA is issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166 under Policy Form GPN99/G2130-S and GBPNP-04


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